Why Should eBook Reviews Matter To You

Whether your books are displayed in physical bookstores or online libraries like Unnomedia, book reviews are one of the most effective ways to draw positive attention to your work.

One might wonder why reviews are so important. Why should authors care about how the general public perceives their book? The primary factor here is exposure, especially one gained through positive reviews. As an author by yourself, there is only so much publicity boost you can gain personally, through word-of-mouth, and other online marketing methods.

There are different ways an author can go about getting reviews for their book. Many authors hire the help of a publicist, when they are seeking eBook reviews by media outlets where they do not have any personal contacts. A publicist, in such cases, can increase both the quantity and the quality of a book’s publicity and coverage.

Apart from that, authors can also get informal reviews by themselves. They can reach out to their friends and family and offer them a free copy of your book when it is published. The author can, then, post these reviews on their social media channels, or have the reviewers themselves post it on Google Books, Goodreads, Amazon, and other similar sites.

Authors can also seek out reviews from professional acquaintances and bloggers. Authors need to check their review policies, as some bloggers do not review books, or sometimes post reviews on their blogs or sites like Amazon and Goodreads.

Sites like Unnomedia give their subscribers access to not only books but reviews as well. Hence, getting eBook review is crucial for authors.


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